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Life is Full of Blessings

The day I stepped foot into a martial art school was a blessing. I did not know it then, but now, 29 years later, I realize the tremendous blessing it has been. That is the interesting thing about blessings. We often overlook them until after the fact. When we are smack-dab in the middle of tremendous events and experiences, we do not even see them. It is not until we lose something, a tragedy happens, or a good amount of time passes by, when we finally step back and recognize how blessed we were. We did not take the time to notice then, but we see it now.

I bet right now you are missing a blessing that is literally right in front of your face! A person whose writing has perhaps entered your thoughts as you read some encouraging words? Or, perhaps I am missing a blessing! A reader who enjoys my writing and takes every word to heart. Blessings are disguised in the everyday, and they are all around you. Life is full of them.

The next time you feel drained or tired, bring to mind your health, which is an exceptional blessing. Whenever you are sad or forlorn, visit a happy memory. Every time you worry or stress, stop and smell the roses. In every moment, every day, there is a blessing to be found and it can not only rejuvenate you, but make you focus on the positive instead of the negative.



Blessings are as unique as you are. No two people really ever experience the exact one because each of us interprets life, and blessings, differently. Blessings are not necessarily religious. In fact, this definition puts them into perspective: a special favor, mercy, or benefit.

We receive favors, mercies and benefits from different directions and internalize them uniquely. They are something important to us, to who we are on the inside, and they give us the opportunity to appreciate, explore, and grow. Once you realize how blessed you are, no matter from what category or experience, you will also feel encouraged. There is no better way to start or end your day than considering what is right and good in your life.

Yes, martial arts are a blessing that began 29 years ago, and still keep blessing me every single day. I get to write about them, practice them, share them, and live them. I would not be the person I am today, without them. And, while I fail to recognize all of my blessings all of the time, I cherish the fact that you are always one of them.

Today, wake up with a sense of renewal because you are blessed! Go forward with enthusiasm and a belief in yourself that cannot be swayed. You do not need to count your blessings, just remember that they are there and when you feel lost or unhappy or are searching for an answer, they are the best place to start. Look underneath the surface, in the corners of your life, and there you will find something powerful enough to pull you through. You are blessed, and life is full of blessings.




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