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Stop Whining and Get Down to Business

It’s quite simple. Stop complaining.

I know that politics suck and life is difficult and that we all feel like there is a lack of opportunity, or that we are entitled to something. When it does not go our way, it is easy to complain. Negative words fall from our tongues as freely as a waterfall streams from high to low. At some point, though, shouldn’t we ask ourselves why we are the only ones experiencing so many difficulties? Everyone else seems so happy, right?

Don’t you wake up one day and think, “Am I really the only one?” When you finally ask yourself that question, you are beginning the journey from negative to positive, so answer it honestly. It is not that others are happier. More, instead of whining, they take action.

I apologize in advance for sounding harsh, but I do not accept invitations to pity parties. If you really want my attention, then you will stand up and face adversity and kick it back as far as it can go. As a martial artist, I do not use that analogy lightly. Every kick I practice is the one that readies me to push back on negativity, so I can get to the other side where hope and promise and opportunity await.

If more people stopped whining and actually did something, they would probably be happier people. At least they would know that they fought for what they really believed.


When two martial art students participate in a point sparring match, only one can win. Still, they both do their best to score. To me, both learn appropriate lessons and both achieve. The most valuable lessons are these:

Always try to win, but if you do not, you have still achieved. You have still set an example. You have still made a difference. 

If we could add this mentality to our lives, we could be the example for others.  We could literally build each other up, and support and encourage each other in positive ways. We could eliminate the waterfall flow of negativity and change it into a positive flow of energy. How can we accomplish that? The answer is, through our choices and actions.

The next time you feel a complaint or negative expression building up inside, control it for just a moment. How does this negativity not only affect you, but those around you? Certainly it does nothing to uplift or enlighten. Can YOU make the change that you want to see? Or, if you are stepping into a puddle of self-pity, review the situation and determine if you contributed to it in some way.

These real questions are bound to bring real answers, if you are honest with yourself. Fight against the banter, controversy, and criticism, and change the flow of negativity to one of powerful energy through your words and actions. Stop whining and get down to business.

It all comes down to three main points, and a quote from Mahatma Ghandi:

  1. Negative words, behaviors, and actions will never make you happy.
  2. Whining and complaining are a waste of your valuable time.
  3. You have the responsibility and ability to make the world a better place through your choices and actions.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

-Mahatma Ghandi


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