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Positivity is Like a Spin Kick

Have you ever felt stuck in a situation? Trust me, I have been there. Even though I focus on positivity, it does not mean that I do not have to face obstacles like everyone else. Some of my dreams and aspirations get thwarted because of negativity. We all fall into that trap at times, but the important thing is that we blast through it to see what life treasures are waiting on the other side.

This is not about treasures like gold or a million dollars, although finding that would be nice! It is also not about material possessions. The treasures to which I am referring are the experiences that fill your life with meaning. When you feel productive and purposeful, you stop feeling stuck, and instead you begin to feel empowered.

Martial arts create many strong, powerful moments of meaning. Through them you can transform physically, mentally and spiritually, unlike any other activity, exercise, or art. You can learn to protect yourself, set and achieve goals, and have a well-trained body and mind.

You focus on learning, developing your skills and talents, and growing in new directions. In tough  times, you look inward and find peace. Like learning how to execute  a beautifully orchestrated spin kick, positivity is worth the effort.

The motion is so important. You must constantly move forward, break new ground, and overcome a fear or two to find a sense of happiness or joy.  The powerful spin of positivity in your life creates a momentum that carries through in all that you do. It allows you to crash through obstacles, achieve goals, use efficiency in decision-making, and even feel good about yourself. The spin of positivity reminds you that you are capable of anything.

A spin kick relies heavily on focused momentum. There is a technique to it, like every other kick. You have to learn the basics and from there, with practice, you can learn the kick. I am not very good a spin kicks, but I have seen them done by others that were so powerful and beautiful that I knew that spinning momentum was something that could profoundly relate to life.

How do you develop “spin” moments of meaning in your life? How do you overcome feeling stuck in a situation? None of it is controlled by others, or the outside world. Many times we create our own negative moments, so we can un-create them by changing the direction of our mindset.

Look for the positive in each situation, instead of the negative. When you spin your perspective from negative to positive, opportunities present themselves, and you try more options until you find the right one. This powerful spin in attitude and outlook can change everything about your personal success. Why are you not achieving? Change your spin.

It is a brain re-train. When you establish positivity, moments of meaning build themselves.

Your meaningful life moments might not happen until an event or a situation shakes you into motion, or when you finally realize that you are not living up to your potential. When that realization hits, and you decide you no longer want to be stuck, you can spin your mindset and attitude in a better direction. Like a treasured diamond in the rough, after some positivity spinning, you will begin to shine.

Let me put it this way. Spin kicks are efficient and their momentum is powerful. Similarly, a positive momentum in your life allows you to move from feeling stuck, to realizing that you have options and opportunities.

Positivity is a powerful concept and tool,  no matter how you try to spin it.





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5 thoughts on “Positivity is Like a Spin Kick

  1. I absolutely *love* this! Spin kicks were the most challenging for me in my training for the longest time – just as retraining my brain was to focus on the positive rather than the negative. Your parallels between the two are absolutely right on point. 👊🏻🙏🏻

  2. I love this post! As a nearly second degree black belt I’m finally getting the hang of spin kicks. They have always been difficult for me and have always presented a good challenge. I’m going to keep working on my spin kicks and the positive momentum in my life! 🙂

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