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Motivational Speaking:

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Andrea F. Harkins, a/k/a “The Martial Arts Woman,” is a motivational speaker who shares a variety of topics, from finding personal greatness, to cultivating a positive mindset and outlook, through crashing through personal barriers and obstacles as if breaking a stack of boards!

Wherever you are in your life, you can use a positivity boost and a road map to get where you want to go. Martial arts are a wonderful metaphor for your life. Find out why! Andrea has great stories to share, but even better, she will inspire you to believe in yourself, achieve, and apply positivity to all you do.

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Life Coaching and Motivation: 

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Andrea F. Harkins, a/k/a  “The Martial Arts Woman,” is a published book author (The Martial Arts Woman book), a martial artist, instructor, motivator, blogger, magazine columnist, and life coach. With a clear mission, she strives to share her martial art and black belt concepts, life lessons, and positivity, as an outreach to everyone.

Several years ago, Andrea began her blog, www.themartialartswoman,com which is a popular and candid account of life and martial arts. Just prior, she wrote her first article for the industry magazine, MASUCCESS. In full swing, she eventually became noticed for her writing and was recruited to write for The World Martial Arts Magazine, Martial Arts Illustrated (UK), Martial Arts business (Australia), Conflict Manager, Martial Art Guardian (UK), as well as the newspaper, The Parrish Village News.

She has been interviewed by Martial Arts Nation Podcast, Martial Thoughts, Warrior Radio, Warriorcast, The Dynamic Dojo Radio Show, Modern Combat Masters Radio Show, Whistlekick Martial Arts Radio, Sisters In Harmony, and Life is a Marathon.

Andrea has been featured in the World Martial Art Magazine as a rising star, and in 2016 was featured in the UK’s number one martial art magazine, Martial Arts Illustrated UK.

Andrea’s positivity, endearing personality, martial art experience, and writing, has captured the attention of thousands of friends, fans, and followers, who are motivated by her succinct and poignant posts of encouragement. Improve your own life and mindset by joining Andrea in her mission of positivity and life lessons through martial arts.

Andrea’s new book, The Martial Arts Woman, is available at: or on Amazon at: