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How to Be More Positive in 2018

Say Goodbye to 2017

2017 probably contained a bit of good and a bit of bad. Either way, it is time to let go of what once was and look forward to a new year with positive anticipation. It is a great time for resolutions and goals, but in order to make any of that work, you need a fresh start and to de-clutter 2017 from your mind and make room for 2018.

I love a lot about 2017. I published another martial art inspirational book. I began learning Chinese martial arts. I wrote a lot of great articles for martial art magazines. I took a few wonderful vacations with my family. I successfully moved my mother to a warm and loving assisted living facility.

There was also a lot of devastation and loss in 2017. Hurricane Irma right in my own backyard. Friends whose loved ones passed away. Financial struggles. Heartache. Difficult times.

I celebrated and cried in 2017, but now it is all left where it is meant to be – in the past. Time for new beginnings. When you let the past go, you open up new doors for opportunity and success. Look at the New Year as an open slate. Honestly, anything can happen.


Many accountants help companies make financial projections. They review prior budgets, invoices, and bills, and also identify what will be needed in the future. They create a scenario for the next year or two based upon all these factors. Then, they put a plan in place. It is not a perfect plan, but it is a plan and a place from which they can start to create a successful business year.

I enjoy living in the moment, something which martial arts has helped me to embrace. But, I would be foolish not to look forward a little and make a few of my own predictions about the days to come. What dreams and goals do I want to bring to fruition 5, 10, or 15 years from now, or even longer? How do I “project” my future? Do I see it as a burden with many obstacles in my way, or is it full of hope, creativity, and excitement?

It does not matter your background, heritage, gender, or ethnicity when deciding what to do with your life. You get to choose how to propel yourself into the future by using a powerful positive mindset. I would never be a black belt, Tai Chi and Kung Fu student, or a writer, if I did not project positivity into my life today and into the future. In fact, it all blends together.

Use positivity right now, tomorrow, and into the future to ensure that you live a powerful and productive life that is meaningful to you. Make a plan to be positive in 2018, and trust me, it will be every bit as rewarding as an accountant’s estimate of the most successful business out there.


I am definitely going to eat better in 2018. I am going to drink more water, too. These are not as much resolutions as they are simple choices. They will make me healthier and feel better, too.

The choices you make directly impact the outcome of your life. Put in the effort and you will reap the rewards. Years of martial art practice and writing brought me to a point where I write professionally for magazines and publish my own books. There is a direct correlation to the choices I have made and my success.

What choices can you make in 2018 that will make it the most positive year ever? One thing you can do is surround yourself with like-minded, positive people. They will keep you inspired and motivated. They will encourage you to pursue and share your own skills and talents and applaud your successes. All of this positive energy will manifest in your life.

What to Avoid

Stay away from the garbage, the gossip, the criticism, and the controversy. When I see it on social media, I block or delete. If not, it sucks me in and I end up becoming a part of it. The next thing I know, my positive outlook and mindset are depleted and replaced with negative nonsense.

Take a Bold Step

Take a bold step and believe in yourself. Stick to your plan or your mission. There is no right or wrong. This is about you and the person you have always wanted to be. You are incredibly unique and talented in a multitude of ways. Look inside and love what you see. Allow potential to rise to the surface and once it does, you will make all the right choices for you in 2018.

Leap of Faith

I am not going to lie. There are many times when I think I cannot do something, so I shove it in the “I can’t do that” pile and leave it there. But, I have improved, and so can you.

I have been teaching martial arts for a long time, but when it came time to beginning a program at a local center, I thought it would be too much work, or that after not teaching for a few years I would not be very good at it anymore. I have also been a writer since I was a little girl. I never had anything published, because I never tried.

In both instances, although I waited for a while, I eventually took a leap of faith. Everything fell into place. I have been teaching that program for nearly 8 years now, and along with my martial art publishing in books, magazines, and newspapers, I have had two poems published in Blue Mountain Arts cards. Amazing things can happen when you allow yourself to take a leap of faith.

You are born with natural abilities and talents for a reason. Recognize them! Explore them! Bring them to life! Use them! This exciting and positive approach will bring personal challenge and fulfillment. In 2018, take a skip, hop, and a jump, and a big leap of faith.


2018 can be one of your most positive years ever if you simply allow yourself to be positive. Stop complaining or wallowing. Start taking the actions that will make a difference not only in your life, but in the world around you. Your success is one ripple in a great, big ocean of people. If  we do our part, we can create huge waves of positivity that will make our world a better place. It all starts with you and with me, and a hearty dose of 2018 positivity.




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  1. A new year always brings a fresh start. I’m certainly looking forward to accomplishing things on my “to do” list. Make every day one to remember, for the better. Happy new year to you and continued good health and success to you and yours. 😀

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