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Find Your Truth

Someone asked me recently, do you know who you are?  I provided the usual reply…”You know, a mother, wife, martial artist, writer, friend…” blah, blah, blah.

The truth is that I did not even take a moment to think about it. What I quickly spewed off are the roles I play in life, not really who I am. No, to get an answer to that very real question takes a lot more thought. I had to look a little deeper. The meaning of who I am flows from these roles and perhaps landed me in these roles, but what I carry deep within is what truly holds the key.

I decided to delve a little further into this question, going back in time to see how I emerged into the person I am today. Surprisingly, I found one attribute, one passion, that touched all my roles as mother, wife, martial artist, friend. It is this one characteristic that transformed me into who I am today. It is interesting how I had never thought of it that way before.  It never even entered my mind that I was born to be something that I would never even acknowledge until I was in my 50’s.

I suppose middle-aged is the time in your life when you look back to see how you have changed or remained the same. I realized that I am still the same. I still have the same passions and dreams, although they were pushed aside because of everyday life and the roles I play.

The common theme in my life has always been, words. They have always flowed freely. Poems. Messages. Chapters. Phrases. It started when I was ten years old, when I learned to play the guitar. I would sit for hours and strum out chords. At the same time, the words would flow.

I began to write love songs at that early age. I took the words and I took the chords and I blended them together until the song emerged. When you explore your talents, they often surprise you. I still have many of those songs. If I pick up the guitar today, it does not take me long to play the first love song I ever wrote.

That is how you know that you are doing what you are meant to do. You realize that your gifts and talents make a difference, define your purpose, and are an intricate part of who you are.

I never thought about being a martial artist back then. Not until my twenties did I even try. It was not about words this time, but it was about physical, spiritual, and mental creativity. They helped to define me, and I began to blend my existing skills and my new talents together. Your truth is defined when various components of your life complement each other.

All of the roles I play today are based on words. My relationships with family, friends, and even strangers rely on the words that enter my mind and how I say what I want to say. As a martial art instructor, encouraging words are vital. As a mother, words that exemplify being a good person are important. The success of every role that I play depends on them.

But, it is not just me. Your words are important to your success, as well. Never take them for granted. Use them in positive and giving ways. Uplift others, encourage them, and then do the very same thing for yourself. The power of words is a power we sometimes fail to recognize.

There are many times in life when you will push your dreams aside, but truly, they never disappear. They remain dormant until the time is right. Be patient. Do you hear a voice from within that speaks of your own personal treasures, your gifts and talents? That holds the key to who you are.

If you strip away all of your roles for one moment, you will see the you that no one else can completely know or understand. Only you can find your truth.




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2 thoughts on “Find Your Truth

  1. Great! You are always so motivating. I love that you are thinking ahead. I remember reading something like this before. But it is still sage advise.

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