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Change Your Life in One Day

Many people think that nothing great can happen in one day. I like to think that many great things can happen in one single day. Nothing occurs, of course, without effort, positivity, and a plan. With these three things, you can create your new forward-thinking, thought-provoking, success-seeking life in only one day.

Being Positive is Step One 

You can twist and turn this in any direction you would like, but if you are not positive, you are already thwarting your efforts to live your very best life ever. Think of positivity as one of the habits that you cannot live without such as brushing your teeth or getting dressed. Add positive thoughts to the mix. Wake up, brush teeth, and greet the day with a positive spirit.

Positivity will open doors to opportunities and give you the flexibility of mind to try new things. It will help you with confidence and also guide you effortlessly past nuisances and small barriers.

Your very first task in changing your life for the better in one day is to eliminate your negative mindset because it has done nothing but hold you back so far. You have never soared because you have allowed negativity to suppress your true desires! Decide right now that positivity must be a part of your life from this day forward.

Ask Yourself Big Questions

It is not enough to just want something better for your life. Decide what is really important to you. Ask yourself, “What do I really want for my life?” The response to this big question is going to reveal the crux of who you are, and where you want to go.

Do you want to go to school? Find a new job? Try a new activity? Overcome a difficulty? Excel at an opportunity? Change professions? Today is the day to decide.

You can do anything you want as long as you believe it. Ask big questions and let the answers rise to the surface. You will see a trend. When I ask myself big questions, the answers are always about changing the world and inspiring others, whether it is through writing, life coaching, motivating, or sharing on social media. There is always one common theme to which all the other actions are threads. Every person has a purpose, a mission, or a “theme.”



 Set  One Goal

It is not true that you cannot set a goal and achieve it in one day. If it is not too large a goal, you can achieve it in one day! Focus on the goal and your intent. Pick one goal that you have been wanting to accomplish. Don’t pick a huge goal, like building a house, but a smaller goal that has been sitting dormant in the back of your mind.

In this step, start by brainstorming all the goals you want to achieve. They can range from personal to financial to social to professional. Write them all down. Now you have a road map and a direction. You may see a theme develop. There may be similar components to different goals.

Once you make the list, pick one. Yes, I know. Choosing one from a list of many can seem confusing and impossible. For you to change your life in one day, picking one goal, and only one, is necessary. If nothing else, close your eyes and let your finger land on one of the goals.

Recently, I had a goal of setting up my desk and writing accessories in a new location. This goal truly was important because as a professional writer, I rely on not just my desk, but the items with which I surround myself. I also hung a few small pictures, cleaned the desk off, added a lamp, organized folders, and completely set up shop in record time because it was the one goal on which I was focused.

The reason it was an efficient accomplishment is because I made it my one goal for today. I decided exactly what I wanted to accomplish. I now have a good writing area with appropriate lighting and comfort to perform my writing jobs. It affects not just today, but my future as a writer. This goal literally changed my life for the better in one day.


It is all well and good to read this post and think that there are some valuable and simple ideas here that can change your life for the better in one day. It revolves around setting a goal, remaining positive and focused, and taking action. As you do this, you move closer and closer to the person you truly want to be. Believe in yourself and follow through.

If you want to be a martial artist (like me!), you need to have it on your list of goals and pick it as your top goal for today. Then, you need to make a few calls and inquiries, ask around, and find a school or program that seems to suit you. Set up a visit or a free class, and you’re finished! You have taken an incredible and brave step toward the person you want to be. In one day, or maybe just a few hours, you have changed your life for the better by putting your goals and dreams into action.

If you want to be an actor, singer, musician, or artist, you can follow the very same methodology. There is nothing difficult about these steps. They require action, which is where most people get stuck. People assume their dreams are too big or not possible to achieve, so they never take action.

The most important thing is that most goals are achieved in pieces. In my example above, there is research, phone calls, decisions, and then the actual commitment. These pieces of the goal work together until you secure the final acceptance – commitment. This is all you need to change your life for the better in just one day.

The next time you are wondering where your life is headed, or you feel like you are not achieving or accomplishing goals, three is something you can to immediately to remedy it. I have outlined the very simple steps, now all you need to do is create a plan of your own.

Treat this as a challenge. Let me know in the comments section how you are going to use these steps to energize your life and embrace personal greatness. I know you can do it, because I have done it. From writing to life coaching, motivating and speaking, I am finally living the life that I have always wanted to live. I pushed fear and complacency aside, and began to tackle goals one at a time. I found out what I had been missing all along. Every day is the chance for me to set new goals and put new dreams into action, and my life is so full of opportunities and blessings because of it.

Don’t wait any longer. Today you can change your life for the better.




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9 thoughts on “Change Your Life in One Day

  1. Osu and thank you! Making ends meet is a huge struggle after 9 and a half years of financial instability and things are looking bleak as my husband is nearing his fifth month of unemployment. Tonight I am going to do my weekly chore of entering our purchases and paid bills into the spreadsheet to see how well we’re sticking to our budget. I will look at the big picture and I probably will see that yes, somehow, we can go on another month. I will remember that we’ve lasted way longer than the numbers in the spreadsheet originally suggested, and I will be thankful for the recent windfalls and substantial help from others. OK, now I gotta get started.

  2. Inspirational blog post Ma’am! I just refered to it in my latest blog post about the magic of martial arts. I also read the chapter in your book about martial arts and love – loved it!

  3. I will treat this as a challenge. I always take on so much at one time. It is hard for me to stay focused lately because we just went on vacation. But now that I am back, I was looking at all the things that have to be done, the gardening (the weeds are so overgrown), the mail will come tomorrow and I am getting overwhelmed thinking about the bank statement from last month and it will be time to do this month. I just need to focus on one thing at a time and what I can do. I have to write thank you notes to some of the people that were so kind to us on our trip and our kids and our grandkids. We had such an awesome time. I miss them already. But now it is time to focus on reality. One small task at a time. Thank you Andrea for bringing me down a little and calming me down a little. I will take your challenge!

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