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The Martial Arts Woman book is now available at http://www.themartialartswoman.storenvy.com or on Amazon here: https://goo.gl/dA1ojZ.

Andrea F. Harkins, also known as The Martial Arts Woman, is an internationally recognized writer, motivator, and martial artist. She writes for Martial Arts Illustrated UK, The Martial Arts Guardian (UK), MASUCCESS, Martial Arts Business (Australia),Conflict Manager, The World Martial Arts Magazine, The Parrish Village News, Think Positive magazine, and her blog, The Martial Arts Woman. She has been featured as a rising star in The World Martial Arts Magazine in 2015, and in 2016 she was featured in Martial Arts Illustrated UK for her application of positivity to life and martial arts. Her next book, Martial Art Inspirations for Everyone will be published in the fall of 2017.

The Martial Arts Woman book shares the stories and insights of more than twenty-five women in the martial arts, and how they apply martial arts to their lives. Unlike most other martial art books, the reader will catch a glimpse into the brave and empowered woman who dares to be all that she can be. Many of these women had to overcome great societal or personal challenges to break into the men’s world of martial arts. This book will motivate and inspire you to go after your goals in life and to fight through every challenge and defeat every obstacle. The Martial Arts Woman book will open your eyes to the power of the human spirit and the martial art mindset that dwells in each of us.

In July, 2017, Andrea was inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame for Leading Motivational Speaker/Author/ Martial Arts Business Expert. She is an instructor, a professional life coach, motivator, and speaker. She can be reached for bookings or speaking engagements through this website on her CONTACT ME page on this website or through social media.

Andrea has been interviewed on numerous martial art and positivity podcast shows including Martial Thoughts, Martial Art Nation, Warriorcast, Dynamic Dojo Radio Show, and more, where she has shared her insightful messages of positivity, hope, and inspiration. Her mission is to help others live more positive, happy, and rewarding lives.

After half a lifetime of learning, teaching, and practicing martial arts, Andrea has found many ways to turn the negative to positive, beat the blues, and win at life.  She has an unusual array of personal stories and insights, and a unique background, which includes being a private investigator for eight years, building a steel kit house with her family, and following her dreams of being a writer. She has taught martial arts for the past twenty years, including to underprivileged children for seven of those years. Each circumstance that has brought hardships or challenges to her life, she has overcome using her martial art mindset.

Join Andrea in her journey to discover how to win life’s everyday challenges.  It does not matter if you are a martial artist.  Every person is capable of igniting their personal power, wisdom, and grace, with the compassion and spirit of a seasoned martial artist.

Find the balance that is missing in your life, and learn Andrea’s secrets and martial arts wisdom that she graciously shares, in order to help you live a better life each and every day.

WELCOME to The Martial Arts Woman.

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