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6 Ways to Conquer Unexpected Change

What they say is so true, isn’t it? The only constant thing in our lives is change. Either we evolve, or our situations alter, and there is no turning back when the evolution begins. Unexpected change is difficult. There is always an element of stress, worry, and fear of the unknown, even if the change is good.

When your life is turned upside down, for whatever reason, there is no need to think the worst, or allow negativity to invade your thoughts. Instead, conquer the battle of unexpected change with a fresh, positive perspective, and find joy in new beginnings.

Recently, my job went through an unexpected reorganization, and my position would eventually be eliminated. I sent out a flurry of resumes here in Florida, as well as couple to employers across country. Nothing locally worked out. In fact, I heard nothing from the companies from which I thought I would receive responses about their open positions. Instead, two companies across the country were interested in my resume, and both began the interview process.

At first I thought it was just that, a “process” that I would go through just out of curiosity, and in which I would eventually weed out these two far-away employers. Instead, and surprisingly, the process continued until I heard myself saying “Yes,” to a new job on the other side of the country! Now that was unexpected!

The topsy-turvy world of change is going to happen in one way or another in your life. For me, it is more than starting a new job. It is leaving the home my family and I built, the community where my family has made its mark, and the friendships I have cultivated over the years. Every change, unexpected or not, throws a curve ball. At least saying farewell these days means you can catch up on FaceTime or Social Media on a moment’s notice!

Along with unexpected changes or decisions comes the opinions of family and friends. They want to warn you about what lurks behind the curtain. They mean well, but sometimes their warnings make you question yourself. Put everyone’s opinions aside, and make the best decisions you can for YOU when unexpected change makes itself known.

Think about what you can explore on this new journey! For me, the Grand Canyon is on my bucket list. Whatever change you are facing today, there are many factors that can help you merge your old life into your new! Consider the following six ways to conquer the unexpected in your life:

1. Believe in your decision. Change requires a lot of decision making. Once you make the decision, stick to it and believe in it. If you are still wavering, then you really have not made a decision yet. If you must, make a list of pros and cons or good and bad about the situation and potential decision. Narrow the choices down and see what remains. Pick the best approach, decide, and put your faith in it. None of us can predict the future. Make the best decision based on the NOW.

2. Be organized. I have so much to do before I actually move. The only way I can conquer any of it is to be organized. I have a few lists of priorities, what to pack, and what I need to accomplish before I go. Checking the tasks off one by one assures me that I am getting things done. Plus, when you are organized, some of the stress of what to expect is diminished, and you are able to control some of the outcome.

3. Do your research. If you are not sure what to expect in this time of change, look it up on the Internet, ask others who have had to make similar decisions, and find articles or other related materials. Chances are you are not the only one who is moving, has lost a loved one, is deciding on college, starting a family, beginning a new job, or eliminating a bad habit.

4. Breathe. I will not lie. Moving across country is a huge move and requires a lot of work. Besides that, I am not all that familiar with the area or even what it is like to live there, even after doing research. When the anxiety starts to build, I know it is time to step back and breathe. I have learned some awesome breathing exercises in Tai Chi, and I use them as soon as I feel the effects of my low-level anxiety. Voila! After a few moments I find my way back to my usual peaceful and productive self.

5. Focus on the Positive. As I mentioned earlier, everyone will have an opinion on your unexpected change. Often, they will focus on the negative because scary scenarios or whatever makes us uneasy are the first situations to come to mind. Yes, where I am moving, Tucson, Arizona,  has snakes, heat, and your skin will dry out. I do not really find any of that much different from here in Florida, except maybe the dry skin. What is different is the topograpahy, exchanging bodies of water (Gulf of Mexico) for a town surrounded by mountains. I have driven over two bridges a day for years, and while I will miss the water, I guess you could say, I have had my fill. Keep the positives in your mind, even when others do not readily see what is good, positive, or exciting about your decision.

6. Decide on New Beginnings. Martial arts are, and always will be, a huge part of my life. Leaving Florida means leaving behind a viable martial art program (in good hands), and moving away from my personal and professional martial art friends. The program my family and I  teach has been going strong for the past eight years, and some of the students have been with us since the beginning. Therefore, I already know that part of my new beginning in my move across country will be to start another program with my family where we can focus once again on changing lives for the better through martial arts. Thinking about your new endeavors will give you something to look forward to when working through unexpected change.

Change will always take place. You are not still in kindergarten, right? That is because time evolves and you move on to new experiences. Every day that passes offers the opportunity to mold these unexpected changes in your life into events and situations that are positive. Even the most difficult unexpected changes in your life will allow you a better understanding of yourself, a rewarding sense of spirituality, or a new learning experience.

When times get tough, or the unexpected happens, do not despair! You are a resilient person with the ability to adapt to change as long as you keep an open mind and a positive outlook. Life is to be lived, the good and bad, and the ups and downs. When unexpected changes happen in life, there is only one thing to do. Grab on tight and see where the ride will take you. I think you will find it fascinating.




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  1. If you look for the beauty, you will find it. The desert and its inhabitants possess many of the characteristics we so admire and strive for in karate. Perseverance, adaptation, and resilience are comparable traits. Safe journey!

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